“Thanks to Suniel and his abilities, I can truly say I understand myself and what drives me. I feel like I know and appreciate myself more than ever and have the strategies to make positive changes. Suniel has such an impressive ability to find out what is really going on, and helps you to see what is the cause of an issue and how to change it.” Dillan Mistry

“Suniel has an incredible gift at getting to the root of a issue and making you see things from angles you never considered before. I’ve had so many ‘Oh My God’ moments of clarity that have been so powerful. I have made so much progress especially with my confidence and self-esteem and improving my relationships thanks to his coaching, insights and support.” Emma Thomson

Since working with Suniel I have been able to make huge strides and have overcome fears and doubts which had become major blockers in achieving personal growth. Through his coaching I’ve been able to understand the root causes of my fears and doubts and we’ve developed techniques which I utilise throughout the week. These techniques help me stay focussed on my personal goals when facing situations which would normally invoke feelings of anxiety or depression. Aaron James

“First and foremost Suniel has helped me understand where my limitations came from, what my rules for life was and showed me exactly how I was sabotaging myself and setting myself up for failure. I worked with Suniel on a number of areas of life which he made me realise were interlinked. My marriage has improved as well as my self confidence and self esteem and I now feel I’m in control of my actions, reactions and behaviours as I know myself and can create the changes I want. Suniel is a masterful coach and is truly talented at his craft.” Samantha Beck

“Suniel is a insightful, intelligent coach who really cares and gives you genuine support, comfort and understanding. He has given me tools which I can apply every day and I feel like I have grown so much as a person as a direct result of his coaching. I am blown away by how he can unlock problems, help you to find new solutions and make me see past issues that I have and feel stronger, better and ready to take on any challenge. Getting Suniel as a coach has been one of the best decisions I have made as its taken me to a whole new level personally.” Sonia Kaur

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