Discover the techniques, strategies and secrets to unlock your unlimited power.


Learn the latest personal development concepts, tools and techniques to be able to unlock your personal power. Understand how your mind works, and how to reprogram it in the way you want to.

You are joining a rapidly growing community of people who are dedicated to learning, growing and improving themselves. The way to master your mind is to consistently immerse your self with the right information and knowledge so that you can implement it in your own life. I look forward to welcoming you every two weeks for a game-changing seminar full of world class and cutting edge information that you can apply to yourself and create the changes you want to.

And remember, your participation in the seminar can remain completely anonymous. You are free to participate and ask questions, either via the chat function or by voice, without revealing your identity to the other participants. We are committed to creating a safe environment where you don’t have to feel uncomfortable sharing your challenges, or questions in public but still have the opportunity to have answers to your questions, and have solutions your challenges found. 

Once you complete the sign up, there will be a short questionnaire so that you can get the most out of the seminars and so the content you want learn about is covered!


Dillian Mistry
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Thanks to Suniel and his abilities, I can truly say I understand myself and what drives me. I feel like I know and appreciate myself more than ever and have the strategies to make positive changes. Suniel has such an impressive ability to find out what is really going on, and helps you to see what is the cause of an issue and how to change it.
Emma Thomson
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Suniel has an incredible gift at getting to the root of a issue and making you see things from angles you never considered before. I’ve had so many ‘Oh My God’ moments of clarity that have been so powerful. I have made so much progress especially with my confidence and self-esteem and improving my relationships thanks to his insights.
Arron James
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I have been able to make huge strides and have overcome fears and doubts which had become major blockers in achieving personal growth. Through his coaching I’ve been able to understand the root causes of my fears and doubts and we’ve developed techniques which I utilise throughout the week. These techniques help me stay focussed on my personal goals when facing situations which would normally invoke feelings of anxiety or depression.
Samantha Beck
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First and foremost Suniel has helped me understand where my limitations came from, what my rules for life was and showed me exactly how I was sabotaging myself and setting myself up for failure. I now feel I’m in control of my actions, reactions and behaviours as I know myself and can create the changes I want.
Sonia Kaur
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Suniel's work has given me tools which I can apply every day and I feel like I have grown so much as a person. I am blown away by how he can unlock problems, help you to find new solutions and makes you see past issues. I have become stronger, better and ready to take on any challenge.


Complete access to all Mindset Matters Seminars
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📺 1 hour Online Video Seminar Every Two Weeks

✅ Learn key techniques, tools and strategies – and how to implement them into your life

✅ Q&A Sessions – Ask questions anonymously and get coaching advice on how to overcome your challenges.

🧘‍Guided meditations – Reprogram the subconscious mind for success and happiness

▶ On-Demand Catch Up – Access to the recording in case you miss the live seminar 

📝 Worksheets – Sent to you after each seminar so you implement the lessons learnt. 

✉ Seminars with you in mind –  Email in to help choose the topics which you want to see covered.

🙌 Discount on personal 1-2-1 coaching packages

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Add in 121 coaching to your package and receive personalised coaching
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  • Full membership to Mindset Matters
  • 30 minute 1-2-1 Coaching Session every 2 weeks (£100 p/m value)
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