Join the online course to build and create a mindset to thrive, not just survive through the global pandemic.


The coronavirus pandemic is causing fear, panic and anxiety to kick in at unprecedented levels worldwide. We have been told that the life we are so accustomed to will change, to isolate ourselves and to try and deal with the ever uncertain times. The message to protect your body is clear, but what about the mind?

  • How in these times to we build a strong mindset, when everything around is doom and gloom?
  • How we can bring out the best in us at this time?
  • How do we keep moving forward and find the opportunities when there are seemingly so many problems?

What is it?

An online course to build and create a mindset to be able to not just survive but thrive through the global pandemic. Learn the tools, strategies and techniques to create a resilient and empowered mindset. And we aren’t here to just learn theory, we must take action! Each lesson has homework assignment to be done so you can put into action what you learn and build momentum and consistency.
Each session will have time for a Q&A so we can answer your specific questions, and deal with any challenges you are facing.


The next course starts on Monday 23rd of March at 8pm.
Session 1 – 23rd March @ 8pm
Session 2 – 25th March @ 8pm
Session 3 – 27th March @ 8pm
Session 4 – 29th March @ 8pm

Cant make it at that time? That’s fine, if you register and sign up we will email you the video of the session so you can watch it in your own time.

What will I learn?

How to cope with self isolation.
• Building new routines
• Making the most of the time you have
• Making the day happen for you
• Procrastinating/Finding motivation to do anything!

Changing our focus and questions
• How to ask empowering questions
• Setting our focus in the right direction
• How to build a habit of looking for the good

Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
• Breaking your patterns
• Reacting vs Responding
• Premptive coping

Protecting your energy
• Guided meditation
• Visualisation
• Kindness, care and compassion
• Projecting love

Cost? ZERO!

We understand these are unprecedented times and we will never exploit people. We are pleased to offer this course at zero cost as now more than ever is the time to come together and raise each other up. Of course we have bills to pay too, so we kindly ask that if you want (and there is no pressure or commitment) you pay whatever you feel for the course, so it remains within your means. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Simply click on the Donate button below!


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